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User summary the pdf version is a complete scan of the original books interior, but the front and back cover are missing. Welcome to the monstrous compendium volume that finally details the powerful creatures unique to the outer planes. A large work about the outer planes, made mainly for the planescape campaign setting. This monstrous compendium appendix includes a broad spectrum of monsters from the inner, outer, astral, and ethereal planes all geared to provide hours of adventure in. Outer planes appendix 2001 pdf version rpg item version link user summary. It was not included in the set of books i received and though i own a pdf copy, i think its rather dry. Or in the monstrous compendium outer planes appendix note. Creatures aasimon, aasimon, agathinon, aasimon, devas, aasimon, light, aasimon, planetar, aasimon, solar, air sentinel, animal lords cat lord wolf lord hawk. Accordingly, many sages refer to the outer planes as divine planes, spiritual planes, or godly planes, for the outer planes are best known as the homes of deities. These denizens of the planes can be powerful allies or terrible enemies. This has descriptions of each of the planes as well as some monsters that can be found in them and even the gods that rule over them. If the inner planes are the raw matter and energy that makes up the multiverse, the outer planes are the direction, thought and purpose for such construction. Monstrous compendium dragonlance appendix 1989, and there would be no more in the original monstrous compendium line. Monstrous compendium appendix ii planescape advanced.

I would like an explanation of what is important of each outer plane. Grades 68 scope and sequence for outer planets compendium topic lesson prior knowledge and experience learning goals nses stds. The monstrous compendium is a series of accessories for the. Each outer plane is usually the physical manifestation of a particular moral and ethical alignment and the entities that dwell there often embody the traits related to that alignment. Download planescape adventure harbinger house pdf from 11 mb, planescape warriors of heaven devil s deal pdf from 618 kb free from tradownload. Tsr 2118 mc 08 monstrous compendium outer planes appendix. Many of the alternative names derive from the 1stedition manual of the planes 1987. The first edition manual of the planes by jeff grubb describes the river oceanus as one of the features of the outer planes, which.

Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. These beings cross the magic barriers of the dimensions and make their desires felt on many different worlds. The official names in the 3e manual of the planes attempted to reconcile the most popular names from the various editions, either by straightup combining multiple names e. The artwork in the book, done by diterlizzi, is pretty good, altough i prefer the job he did on the first compendium. Outer planes is a collective term used to describe a subset of the known planes of existence in various cosmology models. As most planes are functionally infinite, disproving anyones centricity would be impossible. The outer planes are home to beings such as deities and otherworldly creatures such as demons, celestials and devils. Full text of tsr 02118 mc 8 monstrous compendium outer. The common knowledge section now includes a series field. It is a way of collectively referring to the various alignmentbased afterlife planes that are the backbone of the planescape setting, as these planes exist outside of the inner planes and are subsequently seen as the most important parts of the multiverse, at least by the residents of sigil. Direct link monstrous compendium outer planes appendix 2e. Shop with confidence at your local santa rosa game store.

From aasimon to zoveri, and everything between, this supplement is a must have for any dm planning to run an adventure in the outer planes. Besides the classic star frontiers races you also get barnacles, clockwork spiders, giant space hamsters, giff, and more. Outer planes if the inner planes are the raw matter and energy that makes up the multiverse, the outer planes are the direction, thought and purpose for such construction. The outer planets the outer limits inner and outer packing the planets planets the outer temple of witchcraft outer order inner calm gods from outer space outer planes planescape outer planes pathfinder the twelve planets planets on the angles the dweller of two planets pdf planets on angles planets and their characteristics planets in. The planescape monstrous compendium appendix ii, is an interesting addition to the collection of any dm interested to run adventures on the outer planes. The term refers to the placement of the planes being the outermost concentric sphere that made up the multiverse in the great wheel cosmology model. Mc8 monstrous compendium outer planes appendix 2e wizards. If you need info on any baatezu or tanarri that arent in the monstrous manual. Mc1 monstrous compendium, volume one was published by tsr in 1989. Grades 68 scope and sequence for outer planets compendium. And the astral projection spell lets adventurers project themselves into the astral plane and travel to the outer planes.

Full text of tsr 02118 mc 8 monstrous compendium outer planes see other formats. To create a series or add a work to it, go to a work page. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 8th level or higher, you can target up to three willing creatures including you for each slot level above 7th. Apparently, the outer planes was a rich area for exploration, because the outer planes appendix was one of the few 96page appendixes. Comparing planets clay planets general knowledge of the solar system knoledge of the scale of the solar system d 4a, 11d 4 5 modeling sizes of planets basic algebra and.

Monstrous compendium planescape appendix forgotten. The outer planes are also detailed, with plandscape layers and the realms possible on each layer. A0240 monster manual premium edition 2010 players handbook. Theres no demons here just tanari and no devils just baatezu. Monstrous compendium outer planes appendix 1991 and then their names were changed. Today, i will talk about the module op1 tales of the outer. However this book will only be of minor interest to anybody else.

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