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Introduces the characters tyray hobbs and darrell mercer. And they even help teach you how to deal with situations in a positive way. With a broken hand, a troubled family, and no friends in. All twentyone of the bluford series books are available in audiobook format. Reception for the bluford series has been positive, with the ala picking many of the books in the series as quick picks for reluctant young adult readers. Now, we have that book entitle bluford series 20 book boxed set books 120 by ben alirez, d. Dec 12, 20 these are books that met the page requirement for book reports and were approved by teachers for class assignments, but also appealed to teens who said that the only books they ever enjoyed reading were the bluford series. The gun bluford series by brandi helleur teachers pay teachers. I am most often pleased to discover that amazon in the best book source when searching for a special book or video. Tyray hobbs is going for revenge as he was beaten by darrell mercer after he breaks his wrist. If there are additional titles from this series that you would like added. Each novel features a teenage protagonist facing difficult challenges in and out of school. It has daily writing, vocabulary, and comprehension activities. Darrell mercer and his mother jackie are moving from philadelphia to california because of her new job, and mom says its best to move in with his uncle jason.

The gun bluford series, number 6 book by paul langan. The tale traces tyrays troubled home life, his desire to rebuild his reputation, and his quest to get revenge. Haunted by the tragic death of his little brother, martin seeks one thing. The bluford series is set in bluford high school, the fictional school all the main characters attend. Betterlessons unique formula allows us to bring you highquality coaching, a professional learning lab, and a learnbydoing process that embeds pd into the classroom. The objective of the lesson is for the students to improve their writing and reading comprehension skills. The sequel to the bully, this book is about bluford. Complete bluford series all 21 books townsend press. The tale traces tyrays troubled home life, his desire. Chivers tells of the 19thcentury inventor in indianapolis who designs a civil war killing machine, insisting that moreefficient slaughter will save lives.

They show readers who are going through difficult problems that they are not alone in the world. Physically smaller than his peers, darrell quickly becomes a target for tyray hobbs, the freshman class bully. The tale traces tyrays troubled home life, his desire to. Nov 04, 2017 currently titled payback this book in the bluford high school series became very popular with students and teachers at the middle and high school level. Buy a cheap copy of the gun bluford series, number 6 book by paul langan. If you like the bluford high series, check these out. Jan 01, 2002 my students are really enjoying the bluford series. This is a comprehension power point that follows the bluford series by paul langan. I have purchased 56 copies of such titles as search for safety, the bully, the gun, no way out, and schooled. You might want to try reading this great breathtaking, heart stopping book and any of the other books in the bluford series if you get captivated in this great book. One member said she, never would have read it in a million years, but she found it fascinating and great fun. The tale traces tyrays troubled home life, his desire to rebuild his reputation, and his quest to get revenge on darrell, the only boy who ever stood up to him. Darrell and his mother move to the bluford area in the middle of the school year. Tyray has a lot of trouble at home with his family as his father gil hobbs is being hard.

My son who was kia in july 2018 followed the same path so, of course, this was a must read, must own. How to be productive at home from a remote work veteran. This complete set has all twenty novels in the bluford ser. The bluford high book series by multiple authors includes books lost and found bluford series, number 1, a matter of trust bluford series, secrets in the shadows bluford series, number 3, and several more. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in k2 classrooms. It had me at the edge of my seat and wanting more the whole time. Anne schraff, the author of five books in the bluford series, is a fulltime writer. The gun dismantles myths as it moves from the naive optimism of the industrial revolution through the treacherous milieu of the soviet union to the inside records of the taliban. The resources i am requesting are a collection of a popular book series called bluford high. I recommend this series for middle school or higher. If you like the bluford series wrapped up in books. Its about tyray hobbs after he tries to shoot darrell mercer, and the two boys are still alive.

This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging, accessible writing and appealing, contemporary storylines. Books similar to bluford series boxed set 20 titles. It was published by townsend press and has a total of 123 pages in the book. Books to read my books best novels fantasy books book authors book collection book series science fiction at least the white gryphon is the 2nd book in the mage wars trilogy written by american fantasy novelist mercedes lackey with fantasy artist and novelist larry dixon. Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see wikipedia. Tyray feels ashamed of himself for all the trouble he caused at bluford high and home. I felt this book related to me because, i am a small person who believes in standing up for myself. This bluford series goreader comes preloaded with audiobooks of the gun, until we meet again,blood is thicker, brothers in arms, and summer of secrets. Blackwell, karyn folan, peggy kern, john langan, paul langan, anne schraff. The sequel to the bully, this book is about bluford freshman tyray hobbs.

All comments below are from letters sent to us by educators who are using the bluford series. Behind books for urban students, an unlikely author city room. Schraff taught high school from 1967 to 1977 at the academy of our lady of peace, san diego, california. Although we have only read 2 books from the series the bully and the gun, they are learning the importance of how bullying can have a negative effect on many people. These books are written from the perspective of young african american teens and deal with the issues that middle school and high school students face on a daytoday basis. In a large southern california city, 16yearold martin luna hangs out on the fringes of gang life. The book the gun by paul langan is about a boy who is use to being the bully in school or the top dog.

Bluford series audiobooks are provided by townsend press as a free resource to educators and students. The series draws its name from the school which many of the characters attend. The sequel to the bully, this book is about bluford freshman tyray hobbs, the. Illinois council against handgun violence recommended for you. The gun by paul langan bluford series flashcards quizlet. None of the bluford series audiobooks may be used for any purpose other than personal or educational use. The bluford series is set in bluford high school, the fictional school all the main. The gun by paul langan, the bully by paul langan, a matter of trust by anne schraff, secrets in the shadows by anne. They are moving on to the gun, the next book in the series, and will begin reading some of the previous books. Start studying the gun by paul langan bluford series. The joy comes from my students wanting to read and reading silently and in groups. A copy of each novel is also included, along with earphones, batteries, and a durable case featuring original bluford series artwork.

Hes disaffected, fatherless and increasingly drawn into the orbit of the older, rougher frankie. Like many concepts in the book world, series is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. Books in the bluford series lost and found a matter of trust secrets in the shadows someone to love me the bully the gun until we meet again blood is thicker brothers in arms summer of secrets the fallen shattered search for safety the gun paul langan townsend press. To whom it may concern, i am writing you today to tell you about the joy your bluford series books have brought to our classroom. This is what makes many people feel desired totake the lists only for getting this book. In grade school, darcy wills and brisana meeks were friends. I finished this book in one sitting, the characters felt very realistic and relatable to me. My students are really enjoying the bluford series. The gun was selected as a 2012 popular paperback for young adults. And i applaud the bluford series for tackling this issue that people still find controversial. Jan 01, 2004 in the ninth book in the bluford youngadult series, a young latino man walks away from violencebut at great personal cost. The young adult library services association yalsa american library association ala from day one, the bluford books flew off my shelf like hot tamales. If it makes my students read, its a need bluford high books.

My entire school has just finished reading the bully and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Bluford series please note that the lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read the gun. But then darrell mercer publicly humiliated him, and tyray lost. The gun, the sixth book in the popular bluford high series, tells the story of tyray hobbs, a high school. Down by norah mcclintock, part of the orca soundings series from orca book publishers out of canada for reluctant readers awesome books. Topics explored in the books include bullying, school violence, teenage pregnancy, divorce, peer pressure, and substance abuse. The gun bluford high, book 6 by paul langan fantastic fiction. Lost and found, a matter of trust, secrets in the shadows, someone to love me, the bully, the gun, until we meet again. Download free bluford series 20book boxed set books 120. The gun, the sixth book in the popular bluford high series, tells the story of tyray hobbs, a high school student struggling to regain the respect hes lost. While each novel in the bluford series can be read independently, the books are interconnected and represent a span of about 2 years at bluford high. Weeks ago, he was one of the most feared students in bluford high. This complete set has all twenty novels in the bluford series.

But then darrell mercer publicly humiliated him, and tyray lost his reputation. Mar 29, 2011 over the last decade, the bluford series a collection of 18 books about life at the fictional bluford high school, written by a white man from the new jersey suburbs of philadelphia has captivated its target audience. Bluford high, named after guion guy bluford, americas first black astronaut. The bluford series is a collection of twentyone young adult novels that focus on the lives of a group of high school students and their families. Promises to keep is the 19th bluford book, the sequel to the gunpayback. This book tells a story on how anyone can stand up for themselves no matter their size or strength. Will martin listen to her, or will he allow anger to control him.

The bluford series is guaranteed to make your heart race and your pulse pound. Above are bluford series books that are currently on. Martin luna, a new student at bluford high, is at the center of this story. This book recounts the career of an american warrior ranger in afghanistan and iraq. The gun by paul langan, lost and found by anne schraff, brothers in arms by paul langan, until we meet again by anne sch. He went to franklin high school in philadelphia and had friends like malik stone, big reggie, and mark.

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